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Coordinator of the International Steering Committee, and Head of UK National Steering Committee, Paul K. Feyerabend Foundation Worldwide Centennial Celebration.

Co-organizer, “Successful and unsuccessful remembering and imagining.” Online workshop, November 14-19 (2022).

Co-organizer, “Feyerabend and the Philosophy of Physics.” Online workshop, July 28 (2021)

Program Committee, British Society for the Philosophy of Science 2021, University of Kent, July 7-9 (2021)

Co-organizer, Winter School in Philosophy of Science, PhilSci India group, hybrid-online in person in Hyderabad (December 2021)

Co-organizer, “Modelling the Covid Outbreak: Western Science in the Indian Context.” FORUM Advise with the PhilSci India group, online (March 2021)

Co-organizer, “Science in Action: Public Policies and Trade-Offs in India.” FORUM Advise with the PhilSci India group, online (March 2021)

Co-organizer, “Science Communication: Trust and Denial.” FORUM Advise with the PhilSci India group, online (April 2021)

Co-organizer, “Future Directions in Feminist Philosophy of Responsible Science.” Carl Friedrich von Weizsäcker Center for Foundational Research Opening Conference (Feb 2021)

Co-organizer, “Responsible Life Science Funding between Public and Private Funding.” FORUM: Advise, online, (November 2020)

Local organizing committee, European Philosophy of Science Association Meeting, University of Geneva, Switzerland (September 2016)

Co-organizer, “Bridging the gap: Scientific Imagination meets Aesthetic Imagination,” London School of Economics and Political Science (October 2017)

Co-organizer, “(Re)Engineering Biology: The Emerging Engineering Paradigm in Biomedical Engineering, Systems Biology, and Synthetic Biology,” University of Pittsburgh, USA (April 2016)

Co-organizer, “Better Science Policy in Canada,” University of Toronto (January 2015)

Co-organizer, Philosophy of Science Speaker Series, University of Toronto (2013)

Co-organizer, Consortium for the History and Philosophy of Biology, Université de Montréal (May 2010)

Co-organizer, “150 Years After Origin: Biological, Historical and Philosophical Perspectives,” University of Toronto (November 2009)

Conference Committee, Second Annual Graduate Philosophy Conference, York University (June 2009)


Course developer, Philosophy in Prisons project (from 2020)

Full member of Advise: Forum for Advancing Science and Education through Philosophy (from 2020)

Philosophy in the Park. Regent’s Park, London (August 2018)

University of Toronto Museum of Scientific Instruments exhibit (November 2008)